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A Goose, some butterflies and my sketchbook!

I have several ideas on the go at the moment. I like to share some of my sketchwork that may turn into a painting at some point. Here I don't pretend its all pretty, its a work in progress. The point of sketchbooks is I am jotting down observations for later. These few are in my little sketchbook that I stuff into a bag. This time it came with me to the beach when we managed a little getaway this summer to Tywyn, Wales. I love the stunning sunsets we often get there. Here are few of what I would call doodles..

As you can see, its quite slapdash - and remember, the wind is blowing, sand is getting into the paint! There may be the odd blob of paint that is not behaving - but at this point I am not looking for perfection. I am looking for a snapshot, so I can remember this beautiful time at the beach.

These are done quickly in pen and watercolour. I am trying to use the movement of the paint, and the even use the white of the paper to help convey the brightness of the sun and its interplay on the water. Also I wanted to capture the little guy in a canoe in the distance.

And now about the goose and butterflies...

My other project I hope to work on this year, will be illustrations for a Children's Counting book. It may involve a goose, some butterflies, some kites and some other fun counting objects! I am toying with the idea of including the Latin names of creatures that are part of the story - just for some homeschooling fun!

Here is one Butterfly of many that I am enjoying drawing. I borrowed a beautiful encyclopaedia of Butterflies from my lovely neighbour who has a host of gorgeous books she lets me borrow.

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