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A walk through my sketchbook Vol 1:2

This is Volume 1 part 2 of a walk through my sketchbook... It's just as they were drawn or painted, I've photographed them in the order they are found in my sketchbook.

Left and Right are sketches I did on the hop when we went for a trip to Verona, Italy. In a previous trip I had taken my big camera and was a complete tourist photo junkie and photographed everything I saw, which was overwhelming as we were in Florence - and EVERYWHERE you looked there was something amazing to look at.. This time we took just our iphones and limited ourselves to 30 pics a day... the rest we just had to absorb. The left and right hand ones were done in a quiet little square called San Marco Inforno.. quiet. Terracotta plant pots in the green shuttered windows.. afternoon sunlight in the busy city of Verona. The middle pic is from Bear Steps Coffee House, the oldest buildings in the Medieval town of Shrewsbury, my home town, dating back to the 14 Century. All these were done with a biro or black fine liner and watercolours.

Shrewsbury River scenes and some Shropshire moody hills and sky.

These were done on a lunch break in town, sitting on a bench, rapid sketching passers by. Intentionally not taking a long time over them - to train my eye to observe quickly and "note take"

In the woods. Fast painting with Acrylics. Laying down layers of colours for different parts of the woods that I could see. Blocking in the background and then adding more detail.. again not taking lots of time, capturing the 'essence' of the view.

Acrylic on paper... Into the Woods. So you get the picture. Not labouring the work. Wacking the detail or colour down!

Serene Swans on the River Severn...

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