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All about the Seaside and my sketchbook practice

Ah.. the sound of the sea rolling in, the seaguls up above, the glorious sun... I will show you my holiday sketchbook work and my process! But first I will post my inspiration. This time I was taken more by the architecture, rather than the cooling sea! These colours are just so "sea-sidey"... every house a different shade of icecream!? This view just speaks " holidays!"

I will talk about the sketchbook work in the video at the end of the page.

I love the cool blue and dark shades in horizontal blocks.

I have several sketchbooks on the go at the same time. Its a handy way to keep on painting quickly, but giving the pages time to dry. I use whatever is around to keep the pages flat while they are drying.

Mint Green and Magenta houses.. with a splash of orange and yellow daisies in the foreground.

Wet brush/ dry brush watercolour and pen.. the dry brush gently dragged across the page - gives the shimmering effect of the sparkles on the water.

These are what I call " short hand pictures".. imagine a secretary taking notes in short hand - only the most imporant information is recorded.. a picture does not need every single bit of information to tell us a story.

PART ONE - walking through my sketchbook techniques with you!


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