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Beginner's Painting Tutorial and recent work flow...

New artwork for husbands Music CD, Psalms.

Hello dear readers!

This year seems to be flying by.. In between regular life and looking after adorable grandbaby etc I am still managing to get a bit of creativity in. Early last year I mentioned I was working on a project for my husbands Psalm Cd that was coming out. I looked at Celtic art, the Book of Kells and learned a bit about the philosophy of Iconography as my inspiration, as well as studying the actual wording of the Psalms.. and with all that I came up with the artwork for Psalms CD. I personally had my doubts about the work but the "client" aka as husband was happy with it.

His music can be found on Spotify under Peter Bellingham and Psalms.

Nurture your Creativity. When time permits I have friends over to lunch and paint, or work on a new art technique. I had some friends come and do some Geli printing with me recently. One had not done a lot of creative work so was a bit intimidated by it all. However she and others produced some lovely work! I had to reiterate to them my usual mantra of "DO NOT TRASH YOUR WORK"... at the end of the session they were none too impressed with their work and didn't want to take them home! what a pity! So, later I trimmed and tidied the edges up and put them with blank greeting card paper for them to make into greeting cards. Just by framing them in a situation that made a bit more of their work, they could then see the true beauty of the work. There is a message somewhere in there I believe... Here are few of their lovely pieces which are quite stunning...

Loosey Goosey will be returning to the studio!

After a bit of lay off for a few years I think it is time to revisit this story. It was inspired originally by a naughty goose that was on the farm where my daughter and her husband were living a few years ago.. this particular goose would peck at anyone who tried to feed it, and also peck the other resident chickens eyes out! Oh dear - we won't be telling the children about that will we?... However although naughty , she is good at counting .. so she will help with the forming of a counting book for young children. I will test drive the ideas out on my grand daughter and friends!

I would like to introduce to you my You tube beginner painting videos. They are simple and easy to follow for someone who has never picked up a paintbrush or feels intimidated. Let me know your thoughts on other topics you may want a video making of..

I will end my blog today with a little reminder and instruction when doing anything creative: DO NOT TRASH YOU WORK, SPEAK KINDLY ABOUT IT. :) you are allowed to be constructively critical of it, but you should shy away from talking negatively about it...

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