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Brighter days..

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This is a little commercial break from the normal broadcasting so to speak!

I wanted to share with you a favourite musician of mine and a new talent he has found that joins him on this song called "The Goodness" Toby Mac is a very creative musician, his family faced tragedy a few years ago when his son suddenly died at the age of 19. In the pain and loss, he wrote music. His music continues to flow despite those dark days. He introduces this new talent of the man Blessing Offor, who lost his eyesight as a young boy. Both these people inspire me. They don’t shy away from their trials. They are real and honest about their questions and pain. But something deeper is at work. A strength, that empowers them to keep living and not simply surviving. Their faith is an intrinsic part to their creativity.

This video is a joy filled song - which I hope will lift your spirits..

Also I found a lovely little video of Blessing working with some deaf children, but its not sharable. Oh so sweet to see them touch his neck in order to "feel the music"... he can't see and they can't hear, but they make a beautiful conenction! Here is more of his story about some of his music, including his song " Brighter Days".

I recently heard of Jake Goodison, a product designer.

Who has written a book that is coming out soon called "God's Sketchbook" where he designs things that are inspired by the designs he finds already in nature. Looking forward to hearing more from him when the audio book launches later this year.

He says: “God’s Sketchbook is an exploration of the consistent design principles that the God of all creation uses in His invention, how we can hope to imitate Him and what it might look like when we do. What is revealed, if applied at scale,  is nothing short of an industrial revolution that would restore our planet back to God ordained rhythms and healthy function”

You can follow him on Insta @JJGoodison

And also Introducing you to a fantastic Scottish Landscape Artist called Scott Naismith.

Here he is speedpainting a seascape. If nothing else the music ( once he gets his canvas prepped!) will put you in a good mood!

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