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Updated: Apr 16, 2022

I was having delicious little "Me Time" at a coffee shop I had not tried yet in the new town I am living in. It's a bookstore as well ! So that makes me very happy. There are maybe 3 places that to me speak happiness - inside an art shop with wall to wall array of tools and paints, also my favourite fabric & craft store, and any independant book stores that serve drinks. That to me epitomizes - treats! Yes I am easily pleased - and it's not too expensive.... um not really !!

I adore seeing all the colours of fabric lined up or books on a shelf - ready to go. Maybe that is wierd. I don't know. I could think of more expensive habits!?

This poem was inspired by a first time visit to little independant bookstore in my new town. Very friendly service. The waitress was new, as I told her it was my first visit there, she offered that it was HER first day of work, first time making a hot chocolate. Maybe it was a bit nerve wracking for her? The hot chocolate was super. The waitress had some lovely mustard yellow pumps on.. they ended up being in my poem.. I debated about asking her if I could photograph her feet to go with the poem. I hesitated, as it was her first day of work and did not want to stress her out, that she would be thinking an unhappy customer was approaching her! But I endeavour to go back in next week and see if the pumps are still on the job!

In my moments of blissful, selfish, aloneness amidst the bustling shop, I found myself so aware of everything visual. Maybe because I am a very visual person anyway, or maybe because it was a "pause" moment for me, everything slowing down for an hour or so - it was like a technicolour overload for me! I like to journal and create with words as well as paint - so this was a little creative moment of reflection, that produced this poem - Eye Sight..

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Maria Rufina
Maria Rufina
Apr 13, 2022


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