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Have a go! ...Just like Churchill!

When it comes to painting or doing anything creative for that matter, if you are new to it, AUDACITY and BOLDNESS is what will get you going quickly! I want to introduce you to some ideas from Mr Churchill. As a leader in WWII he had an enormous load on his shoulders. He however, found an immense pleasure and rejuvenation from picking up painting (despite his heavy workload) - His book Painting as a Pastime is testament to this. He explains, what science concurs with these days, that parts of the brain can rest while doing other new activities - hence the therapeutic benefits of creativity!

p 7 and 8 Quotes:

Whether it be painting or a new craft - have a go at something new and challenging!

If you want to make a start with watercolour painting - here is a Beginner tutorial about brushes, colours and basic techniques to start you off! The principles for using acrylics would be the same in that you use water to dilute the paint, or add white to lighten the colour. The Best thing to do is play and get familiar with what your paints can do before embarking on an actual project. Mastery of basic mixing and brush strokes will give you more confidence for the next stages. Remember what Churchill said : AUDACITY IS THE ONLY TICKET!

Be bold! be courageous! .. just like one of my 4 yr old students did recently - making a landscape picture of his school playground. He picked out the most basic shapes and strong lines that helped place his landscape on the page. He then boldly painted it in.

If you want some tips on how to start sketching have a look at this blog with some vides I made on SKETCHBOOKS:

And for a walk through on how to fill in a painting with colours see this blog on LANDSCAPE

I did a Christmas crafting day yesterday using clay with some friends from Church. It was great fun! One lady had not thought it would be so much fun - she said "I didn't realise it would be so relaxing, I am really enjoying this! I will get some clay myself and carry on at home!"

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