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I fell in the Honey Pot and can’t get out ...!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Geli Plate Printing...using a latex type mat, rolled with ink, to place shapes on, to then take a paper print of the image... and pull off a unique hand crafted print..

I Fell in the honey pot and can't get out!..literally this is the best way to describe how I got into this new (for me) technique. Interestingly it brings me full circle back to my Art Foundation days, when I specialised in my 2nd year in surface design and ceramics...

I was ill in the summer, so while I was recovering I caught up with any You tube surfing that I had not had time to do.. and found this new practice..

In between my posts about my sketchbooks, I wanted to share with you my new addiction.. ..oops I mean, "the new creative bunny trail I went down' !

You may have seen a previous post where I introduce the idea of Geli Plate Printing...( see here ) . Well this is a re-post and further dig down into the most amazing craft. I learned previously how to make my own geli plates, and they have worked absolutely fine, and I made a big batch of 5 x 7 inch ones to use in my group sessions. It's a perfect size for cranking out lots of prints as the size is really workable and I don't get through lots of copy paper in one go.

(this one is the first plate I made in a paint tray, which I now have cut down for smaller work)

You can buy Geli plates, but they are pretty pricey even for small ones - Here is the home made method if you are interested, which is easy to make, and whenever the plate gets a bit dinged up, you can simply cut up and remelt in the microwave..(See here )

I am nearly at the end of a paid subscription to a Summit of Geli Printer Artists - 14 amazing artists who use this method - share their work and daily I have had a video of one of their processes to watch.. here are my initial thoughts as I drink it all in:

(Joy Stephanie Art) This was done using fuchsia leaves and other botanical shapes, and netting from packages of fruit for added texture..gradually building up different layers of paint.

Geli Plate printing is......

For All... no matter your age, ability or artistic skill - this is something ANYONE can dive into.

It is a real encouragement to be around a community of creatives and also a great leveller to be be learning from such a great group of artists. There is SO much to learn and discover!

Susan McCreevy is just ONE of the amazing artists I have watched this week. Many of them have offered short free courses. Susan has a textured collage landscape course she offers for free - which I shall enlist on probably early next year... just look at the lovely work she does!

So many artists I find are very generous with their expertise.. gone are the days of "no I can't possibly share my secret to successful art, I want to keep my special methods all to myself" type of dialogues.. which over the years I have met in some shape or form. There is a generosity of spirit that is just wonderful - and only begets more creativity and less competition.

The lessons I continually see in this method.. are lessons in patience.. and in letting things go... and living with the unexpected... so its a combination of control and letting go!

Of valuing each hue, each mark, yet not being too precious about putting another layer of paint on to see what happens next....

The Happy Accidents brigade are out on force!

But again there is a thoughtfulness and planning that goes into the practice too. Having the right equipment in place, so everything is to hand.. where to place the leaves or items to be printed and considering the negative space around them, not just their own shapes..

Then there is the dilemma of what to DO with all this printed paper! I have found so many fun ideas.. hand bound art journals, ephemera storage packets, bookmarks, book covers.. the list is endless! Collage painting is a whole other area that opens up with this! Watch this space for more on that! If you have ever wanted to dip your toe into the world of mono-printing/ hectographs - this is one very easy, and super enjoyable craft to learn about!

One of the technical terms I have learnt is what "the ghost print" is.. when you have inked up, laid down the leaves, taken a print and then removed the leaves.. you are then left still with an imprint on the tablet. This is lighter, but still has a lot of definition left from what the paper did not allow to be picked up! This is called "the ghost" and you can take this up on a paper too.. which I love doing. For me, they are the best part of the process! The picture above is an example..

I will be posting in the months to come things which have evolved from this new practice..

I would love to hear about your adventures with this!

This is from my last workshop with people who had not done this before - very fun! I realised after posting this that this method above is not what normally happens. Here the paint was very thick and the leaves came away on the paper and were still stuck on..and had to be hand picked off! but you still get to see the end result.

Below is how the paper should normally come away from the geli plate:

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