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Miracle Mornings New Routine

I have never been a morning person. I have tried and failed. My body is slow in the mornings.

Do not ask me if I want this or that to eat. That is too many questions!

I move around in a haze but it stresses me out as I have to get myself together for the day, and I feel frazzled before I even begin. Sound familiar? I am 50 and I have NEVER been a consistent early riser. My husband can leap out of bed and start working at very ungodly hours - he's also infuriating as he also does his exercise routine before anything else!..

I stumbled on this video a few weeks ago and decided to actually implement it. Well actually, I had been thinking about it, then one night I was So tired I did something I rarely do - I went to bed at 9pm....... and then I woke at 5 am... How amazing is that? not really - I had had a good 8 hours sleep.

I decided that I would get up and having watched this video recently I thought for a bit of fun I would try and implement these ideas. This is especially helpful I think for people who are self employed - to manage time well.

So like the video says - you don't have to do these things to have a great morning. You can adapt all these ideas to fit your life and schedule.

I personally LOVE the first one on the list - Silence...

Typically this is a time when I get my thoughts together, start thinking about what I want to accomplish in the day. Because I have got up early I don't need to rush this part. This often combines with me : "scribing".. I plan the things I need to / want to / get done in the day - so that I can cross them off the list as I go.

For the Visualisation time - I found myself writing short/ medium/ long term plans and wishes.

For Creatives this is very useful. I like to have a project on the go and some in the waiting - but I like to have an end time ... so it gets done and does not drag on - which keeps the creativity feeling fresh. This can apply to any kind of job I am sure.

Affirmation - I like reading books on personal development, uplifting stories, challenging reads.

Exercise: I have done for many years a workout called TTAP - its a 15 minute fully body workout that limbers me up for the day. I try to include that in my day.

I also since January have been doing a 30 day Yoga Program which is also a Christian Meditation time. I am on the third round of this. Most days it takes about 15 minutes. It sets me up for the day having done some mental and physical stretches!

Reading: I have not done 10 pages, but I included my bible reading in this time. And I am reading a great book called The Ethical Capitalist by Julian Richer

The book is inspiring! One take away is that the author who owns the successful company Richer Sounds runs all his stores with this philosophy: The shops do not open to the public until after Midday (calls can be taken from 9 am) But this time is for staff development. They learn about their products, any troubleshooting, they work through and personal issues within the team. So, when they open at 12 - they are ready for work. They know their products / any issues that might come up/ have worked out any interpersonal issues before the public get to meet them! He also pays all his employees the Living Wage which is different to the minimum wage. So much in this book. But what I thought I would take from it so far for me was this: Between 10 - 12 I do not take calls/ answer texts that are not to do with what I am working on at the moment. That way I have a clear 2 hours that are uninterrupted. If I am with someone at that time, I do not answer my texts. Unless it is something I have to deal within that 2 hour period, I let it sit till later. This gives me so much more mental space!

I have been doing this "Morning Routine" for a week now. I do not stress about what time I will wake up as long as it is before 7 a.m. I seemed to have tricked my body into doing the impossible! I typically wake up between 5 and 7 am. One big take away I think that helps me function better is I DRINK a whole glass of water on waking. Because I give myself more time to come to in the mornings. I accomplish a ton more things in the day, and build in some recreational time too!

I love this idea : "Be the Idiot!" .. Have you ever been in a group and thought "I have no idea what this person is talking about" or "I am not sure about this, but no one seems to be saying anything!".... this guy nails it..

This is something I try to aspire to in things I do. If it be organising a coffee morning or a craft event - or getting people together. I like this guys take on things. Come to Give.

Well that is it for a Motivational Friday Post! I hope you enjoyed the read. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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