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Off to the Craft show! - it runs in the family.

This year's work of quilting and creative bunny trails I have gone down is culminating in a craft show table at my local out door market tomorrow. Included in the Craft stall will be the quilts and other sewn items I have made, plus small paintings. I have made a video with the help of my talented daughter to talk about the work and what inspired my shoot off down a "bunny trail" of quilting and eco printing.


I come from a family of entrepeneurs. My father at the age of 41 jumped ship from the successful salesman job for Rolls Royce and decided to start his own creative business. My mother was a florist and horse rider, had a riding school and reared sheep. Together they opened a craft shop in one of the outdoor cow sheds on the little farm. It was filled with local crafts. My mum grew flowers to sell to the markets and did wedding flowers. My father started doing designs on ceramics, making the stencils using a screen printing process and applying to the ceramics, then firing them in the kiln. (I presumed a lot of people's dads had a kiln in the back yard!) I have a vivid memory of him jumping up and down with excitement because his transfers had worked in the kiln! Their business was called The Wheelbarrow and the logo was a wheelbarrow with flowers trailing out of it.. most people thought that was the name of our house! He did so well over the years that he had 4 employees. So, all that to say, doing craft shows is somewhat a family thing!

I am also including work from two other creative friends; one is Rosemary, fabric doll maker - find her on fb

and the other is Kim who is a crochet artist who makes gorgeous blankets. She can be reached here

I'm also showing off some of my 20 cm square paintings and greeting cards.

visit my short talks on some paintings I did between 2019 and 2021.

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