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Off to the Racecourse - a favourite spot to paint.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Carpe Diem! Seize the day! As the sun is starting to fade, there is nothing quite like sitting on the floor of the forest, capturing the moment! These little sketches were done quite quickly, using watercolour and pen. I love that the paint sort of did some of the work for me. I also found a way to get the shadows that fall on the ground.. I usually work backwards if I am working in acrylic and try and find the sun patterns on the floor. This time I used the dilute paint to wash in the base colour of the ground, then adding the shadows by building them up using " shadowy colours", as they follow the undulations of the forest floor.

I did one double page sketch of the wide angle view of the forest:

And another one that was working on capturing the layering of the different trees in the background and the fallen trees.

On zooming in a little on some of the areas, I really like what the paint is doing itself - there is a bit of a 'bleed' or fuzziness ( when the paint spreads on its own because of the water absorbing into the paper) - which actually works for the haze you get when the sun is shining in from outside the wood!

Here are some details of parts I really like.

Really happy with the paint effect.

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