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#SHOUT OUT no. 2

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

This is my second SHOUT OUT post - where I hightlight a friend who is working on something creative! She has produced a Book of Poems all about the adoption process she and her husband have been on the last few years.

Let me introduce you to Laura, my very good friend.

I have known her about 6 years when she and her husband Daniel moved to Shrewsbury to pastor a church. We became friends and have regularly met up for coffee and chat amidst our busy schedules.

I soon gleaned that she was a fiesty, fun, Welsh speaking gal! The best words I can use to describe her are: joyful, determined & perservering. She often voicemails me with a chuckle here and there of what is going on in her day - and sometimes its not going terribly well! -- but she manages to find the positive in there somehow!

She loves to journal and is familiar with public speaking at church and in ladies groups. Journalling for her, helps condense what she is feeling about things going on in life. She weaves her faith into the poems she writes, so that even though the subject may not be what you are going through, you can still glean how she gets her strength to go on when life is really challenging..

Born with challenges..

She was born with rickets and has lived with disability challenges her whole life. She was bullied terribly at school and then later at college ( which on hearing about them through her writings - will break your heart to see how hurtful words can be so damaging to people) . Her parents had divorced when she was young, and that brought it owns struggles too. However, her faith is what brings her the strength and joy to live life to the full! She loves to journal her emotions, including in the form of poetry.

When I first met her, she shared how she would not be able to have children, but that she and her husband hoped to one day adopt. That in itself was going to be a big mountain to climb so to speak, as not only she but her husband have a disability. This potentially could have been more of a challenge going through the adoption process. I can happily say , after a long wait and many ups and down's, they are the now the proud parents of a beautiful son! He is now in a secure, loving family. Despite some of his developmental delays, which Laura and Daniel accepted and knew about from day one, he is smashing through the barriers. Encouraged on by his fearless and determined parents, he is a loving, happy todder with a gorgeous smile and is growing in his abilities every day! It is such a joy to see his development and hear his achievments every week!

Laura's journey of faith and the process of adoption started off in a journal - and now is being produced into a Book of Poetry called "Poems in the Waiting" which will be coming out this year! The proceeds of which will go to a UK Fostering & Adoption Agency called HOME FOR GOOD which will support adoptive and foster parents in the process.

Quote from Laura: "Today at the age of 35 I am a wife and a Mam; we have our own beautiful home, I’m surrounded by people who love me and accept me for who I am. I still battle insecurities but now they don’t hold me back for I continue to stand tall (although I’m only 4ft7) and firm in my faith and the love of Jesus. He truly is a mountain mover and over the months to come I will share with you the mountains He has moved in my life.

His word is still Oxygen to me and the reason that I breathe today.

Jesus loves you, you are Penned in Love!"

Visit her website and blog PENNED IN LOVE : Here to find out more and read her inspiring posts!

Maybe this has inspired you that journalling your thoughts - can be really good, and may go further than you think!

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