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#Shoutout to some Artists

As an Artist - I love to be inspired and challenged by other artists. This is my work table today.. I love just seeing how other people have their workspace set up!... this post is also about BOREDOM.. yes read on.!. (well to the bottom of the page!)

I stumbled on this gals work, CourtneyMichArt - I found her on Etsy and she also has her own website HERE

She says, " Hi there, I’m Courtney!

I work out of my home studio in the small village of Manotick, Ontario, where I live with my partner Russ, our grumpy cat Lola, and our overly-friendly golden retriever, Fred. My studio is in an extra room at the end of the house and features a balcony looking over the backyard, a huge window, and tons of natural light – it’s the best place to paint!

My mission is to create beautiful artwork that feels like the missing piece in your space. Whether it’s filling your big blank living room wall, or tucking a tiny landscape onto your bathroom shelf, I strongly believe in the power that comes from creating a personal connection with your home. You can fill a room with furniture, but it’s the artwork that will stir your emotions and breathe life and soul into a space. I love nothing more than being able to share my paintings with you, to elevate your décor and help you provide that special feeling of ‘home’."

Check out her Etsy site HERE Her work is trul y beautiful and inspiring..

Another Artist I found and bought a piece of work from her is Sian Moulder a Lino Print Artist Her Shop is called RootsandBuds I love her tagline:

"For a bud to flourish the roots need to be nourished".

She writes: Hello and thank you for visiting my little shop of artwork.

All my linocut work is hand drawn, hand carved, and hand printed in my little home studio in South Wales.

My greatest inspirations are found nature and my local geography. I am constantly in awe of the tiny yet significant details in naturals forms. Which confirms to me that God truly is the most magnificent artist of them all.

This is a Lino Print I bought from Sian - titled "I lift my Eyes to the Hills". It has pride of place in my sitting room. I love the effect of Lino printing...

And now for little video from another artist I have been watching. She started talking about being bored... and why we get bored or don't as the case maybe. At first my initial reaction to the words " BORED" struck fear in my heart... heaven forbid we should ever feel bored.. And then I remembered a homeschool friend of mine said " Do not fear your children being bored, they will find plenty to do if you give them the space to be 'bored'...." how true..

This artist makes the point about the modern phenomena we all do at times of 'scrolling' and what a complete waste of time it often is... how many less paintings, less music, less inventions.... less anything creative is happening ? .. because we do not allow ourselves to be truly bored for one moment, in a creative way.. that would lead us to do something constructive with our time... Pause for thought!... How our phones are stealing creativity from us!

I hope you have been inspired by some wonderful artwork and some interesting thoughts on boredom and creativity!

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