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Time to weave... a needed "Bunny trail"

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Picture courtesy of the New York Public Library.

So, this is what happens when you have many "irons in the fire".. and creative connections with friends. I will soon be embarking on a two week teaching session in a local primary school, which I am thrilled about. I have many thoughts running around my head about creativity. My recent trip to Montenegro was very impactful in respect to the art community that I was able to connect with in some small way. The perspective of fame and artist's renown has been remodelled to me by the humility of some of the local artists in Montenegro and the simple beauty of that stunning country. ( I will be writing soon about that topic)

I am blessed to know other creatives in my circle of friends who enjoy the thought process of creativity.

A friend of mine whose late wife was a children's author (Pauline Fisk) had a fascination with a tapestry school in Egypt. I have since learned she was also a weaver herself who exhibited in the UK!

The lessons gleaned from watching these informative videos goes to 'bulk' out some of what my creativity philosophy is becoming. - ie Everyone has the ability to be creative. It does not depend on being exposed to the right artwork per se, but given the right tools and environment to explore the possibilities. I believe the reason we all can be creative is that it reflects the fact that we are all made in the Image of God, the ultimate creator.

This first video is about the Egyptian School of Tapestry started by the late Ramses Wissa Wassef. Ramses wanted to prove his idea that everyone has creativity in them - He took 11 year olds in a rural village, which had no arts or crafts in it, and invited them to learn to weave. It's a slow, demanding craft, which produces extraordinary results.

He had 3 rules:

1) We do not show them any pictures for them to copy.

2)We do not discuss or show them any other forms of art

3)We do not criticise the children.

They used local Egyptian wool and only natural plant dyes. Just look at what stunning works they make!

Here is a video explaining the history of tapestry making - such a painstaking art! But so beautiful!

Here is a delightful one about Mayan women doing a 90 day project. Patience is needed :)

All these practices take time. To sit and watch the process takes time and patience. It is a delight to watch the perseverance of these crafters.

Please come back to the website in the next few weeks for the next instalment about our trip to the wonderful Montenegro!

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