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Trust the Process

Updated: May 13, 2022

Trust the Process..This is a picture we saw as we got up from having our coffees in between finding out our friend's house purchase had fallen through - which then affected plans for our daughter's living situation! As we "trust the process" - we see there was a better option in fact.

I realised that I wrote a few blogs back that I was going to do a post on this topic - then promptly forgot! But here we are now! In the meantime I have acquired the equipment needed to start doing little videos - so will fulfil my promise to talk about paint mixing!

A few things come to mind today. Being inspired by the beauty of nature and the relationship we have with it. Also again my mantra of the "need to find creativity" in your week. Whether you are a computer engineer or a stay at home mum - we all need the refreshment of finding something creative to enjoy. See my challenge in a bit about that! It is sometimes a process to find this time, and its a discipline to do it! You have to decide the time spent on it is worth it.

Sometimes you may be a tad intrepid of a new project or idea... but you have to step out there! I know often people feel daunted starting a project or a new canvas -- it's that magical step that leads to another step. An artist who has inspired me a lot over the years is Louise Fletcher, who I mention again a little bit further down. She helps people un-do a lot of the negative process and thoughts people have when creating. She creates lessons that maximise and minimize at the same time. She may suggest using a limited pallete of 2 colours and black and white, use a new tool, use your hands, turn the painting upside down!.. she also helps people not be too perfectionsist about things, and paint over things, and explore, without getting stuck on a certain style of painting. Keep and eye out for her free week long Online taster courses - it changed the way I worked!

You have to trust the process of taking time to be creative - whatever that may be for you - will pay dividends - even if for the most basic sense of wellbeing - but it also may fuel your ideas and creative flow..

We have just got back off a little 4 day break to see one of our sons in London and squeeze in some sight seeing. We visited Kew Gardens and Hampstead Heath.

Kew Gardens is definitely worth the money! So much history and fascinating information about trees and plants. We took a good 4 hours and still have not covered everything there! This video explains what a huge role the Gardens have in our biodiversity. KEW is planning for the future. It's so worth a visit if you can! #inspiration See the slideshow below..

So much breath taking inspiration!

We also took a little jaunt to Hampstead Heath Pergola. Hampstead seems to have quite a nice artsy feel to is as there are quite a few little art galleries and art supply shops on one of the main streets.

This is free to visit.

Inspiring Creatives - who has influenced me creatively in the last few years?

This is a little list of people whose email newsletters I read all the way through! (I have been asking myself the question "what is it that makes me want to read them?")

They always have interesting work. They like to share their journey and encourage others. They are generous with their sharing - they are not holding back their special secrets of how they work - they want to help others flourish.

These are my influences, click on their names to take you to their websites:

Nicholas Wilton he is offering his free PDF at the moment on colour mixing! He runs Art2Life - an online art community. He does workshops ( and has a few free ones during the year sometimes) he influenced these 2 other artist below.

Alice Sheridon ~ Wonderful large abstract landscape artist, also runs a podcast called artjuice with Louise Fletcher.

Louise Fletcher Abstract artist.

Podcast : Art Juice Immensely helpful and popular podcast by Louise and Alice. It's down to earth, not stuffy or too lofty, they share their methods, their growth in a way that makes you feel like you can relate to them!

And more recently Jo from Firain who offers advice and mentoring for online creative shopkeepers. She offers paid consultations, and she also offers some excellent free PDF's about things to consider about running an online shop.

#Creative Challenge - set a goal of how many creative actions you will take in a set time (within a day, week, month )... you set the parameters and then commit to do something creative in that time. It could be you sit down and write/ doodle.. or take a photo of something pretty or interesting on your way to work..:)

Don't forget there is a 10% discount on a purchase over £25 with this coupon HAPPYDAYS 1

Who or what inspires you on your creative journey?

What do you do to rejuvenate?

What creative habits do you have?

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