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Up, up and away!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

I’m excited to launch this new website and blog! It feels as big a job to get it launched as I am sure it is to get these Big Balloons up in the air! (We recently moved to a new town and every year they have a Balloon Festival - it takes a lot of work to fill them, and even then they make not take off, as all the factors necessary have to be just right) - see here: CONDITIONS FOR TAKE OFF! The metaphors are pretty impressive.

For this website and blog to " take off" the conditions have had to be just right too! The idea has been brewing for many years, This blog will be the connection from the “works in progress“ stage of my work to the link into the shop and gallery. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts about my creative journey. I’ve learned so much from other artists in the last few years, that has given credence to my methods I was already using, and broadened my expression. I hope you come along for the journey. Up, Up and Away!

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