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My methods.

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

I often get asked how I paint.. and my answer is: fast and furious usually! That’s partly because I fit in my creativity around other commitments of work and family. However, it is also my preferred mode of work. I often observe as I go about my day. For example, I observe the changing landscape, and perhaps the way the low sun shines on a mountain at "golden hour". I tap into the feelings and emotions I experience as I do this, This helps me when I actually get to painting, as I have my observations and experience to draw from.

I spend more time these days lingering and mixing colours (which is a joy in itself), Once the paint is loaded, it’s “off we go!”

I often talk about being “in the zone“... This where I shut out all other distractions, (or at least try to), and focus on the painting. This involves tapping into my previous observations, and drawing on my emotions, listening to the urge of what direction the painting needs to go in. It involves reacting to what the paint is doing, and the relationship between the textures and the colours. These painting bursts can be done in 20 - 90 minutes. At some point in there I will have reached a "done" stage. This is a crucial stage that artists find themselves deliberating with. When to stop with a painting?.. When does it feel done? I may come back to it later - or call it done.

Although creating it is hard work, it is very rewarding and refreshing at the same time. While I am painting, I try not to get distracted by undone housework, or admin that is waiting for me. It helps to have a designated Creating Area - where my art materials are to hand and I have a well lit space. We moved house recently and the tiny spare room (which also has a double wardrobe in) is my office & Art Studio. There is a lot of natural light - but not a lot of space. However, some great organisation tips from IKEA have helped me make the space quite workable.

The last few years I have drawn a lot of inspiration from two artists who give their time generously in sharing some of their methodology. They are Louise Fletcher and Nicholas Wilton. They are a brilliant resource for any level artist who wants to stretch and find their unique painting voice!

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