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Close your eyes...

Close your eyes ... and then open them again! Your potential today to "see", really see.. what is in front of you, is already there. What beauty is hiding somewhere in a little nook, or maybe boldly displaying itself?

Just 2 days ago I was looking out at this beautiful scenery in Wales, having taken a short break. Breathtaking! at 7 am in the morning. Sipping on my cup of coffee, feeling the sea breeze. Listening to the gaggle of conversation going on with the local gulls.. they had a LOT to say that morning!

Today it's SNOW DAY! A cozy day inside. I've listened to one of my favourite creatives as she talks about her process and she is wondering if she is bothering people! It must be something Artists wonder sometimes?

When I see a breathtaking view - or something that piques my interest - I often snap away on my phone. And then I share the joy with friends! I have been really encouraged lately with responses from some of them. They are inspired to take more notice of their surroundings. Others say that although they don't see themselves as "creative" (although I have some thoughts about that!).. they are enjoying the journey I am on, and gaining something from it. And enjoying the WONDER...

I often talk about the PROCESS with people. It is a point I have to remind myself many, many times! I have SO many ideas wanting to be birthed so to speak, but I have limitations... and I have to re-set and focus. But I will keep sharing my journey because its a discipline, similar to doing a daily workout, where we get stronger and better at doing it. It brings us strength. It brings calm.

There may be days when it's just too hectic to fit anything in. You will be surprised though what you can accomplish in a small time. (I did many of my paintings over the last few years in bursts of about 1.5 hours)...

Maybe you can carry a sketch book and pen with you, or journal some thoughts. Try closing your eyes wherever you are - and listening to the sounds, the smells, and open them again. Maybe write whatever thoughts come to mind. Doodle, let your pen wander... Or maybe you leave a notebook out to write down your thoughts.. which later become a song/ a poem/ a painting..

The cognitive benefits of doing something creative is scientifically proven now. You can rest your brain while using it!

I have holidayed in Borth, Wales, since I was a child. Then it became my own families' favourite place. So many memories! Often just loafing on the beach, swimming, cooking BBQ's and then admiring the amazing sunsets we get at "Borth-bados"..

We stayed at a different location this time, much further up on the cliff, and therefore we were closer to the Coastal path. We took a wander, and what a view! And the sound of the crashing waves booming on the rocks

Here is the short Podcast by Morgan Harper Nicholls I mentioned earlier. I love her way of talking about her creative process. LINK Lessons from a Paintbrush (When it's hard to Focus)

She says: Today's question: Have you ever felt like you were bothering people with your process? Where can you create space to engage in your process more freely?

I am beavering away when I can, to upload my new Archival Giclee Prints to my website and Etsy site. This is a sneak peak of things available.

In the meantime - keep journeying with your creativity, small or big! And I would love to hear from you what you are working on :)

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